Note - with minor modifications this is Lee's last web site
Van Leer
R.I.P. 1943 - 2016

Bulletin: "Lee Van Leer's Fab Grablins" is now officially DISBANDED due to the unavailability of bassist Wayne Munzy. In Autumn of 2015 a new band will be forming in Ontario, Canada, to be known as


The band will feature Lee Van Leer and D'Arcy Cain as lead and back up vocalists. Instrumentation will be guitar, organ, bassist Lynn Walker and drummer James Gibner. Rehearsals of the new band began October 4th, 2015. On occasions when a female lead vocalist is added in 2016, the band will be billed as "The Lee Van Leer Show featuring (NAME)". Please keep watching this website for updates.

Without being TOO LOUD, The Lee Van Leer Show is the heaviest band you haven't yet heard. The Lee Van Leer Show is an original music band and a dramatic cover band with two CDs, "Thumbs Up!" and "Sawing Through Bone".

Above all, MUSIC IS ESSENTIAL Without it, life is a journey through a desert.

The current makeup of the band is as follows. Please click on each name for photo and bio.

Listen to a song by Lee Van Leer   ...and an instrumental by Lee Van Leer.

Check out Lee Van Leer's BLUES side by listening to "Goin' To The Dogs" and "Roll On Through The Night". "A Love to Last a Lifetime Long" is my popular soul ballad. All tunes posted here are © Lee Van Leer, from the CD "Thumbs Up!" You may purchase the CD at events where Lee Van Leer is performing.

The most unique song on Lee Van Leer's new CD, released late 2013.

Be sure to check out Lee's Blog for the latest news about Lee and the-band. DO please visit Lee's Blog often for updates.

Here's a pic of John F. "before he was Lee" - 1972!
Lee is primarily an Organist.


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GTA Schedule
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